NanoPen® Elite™

NanoPen® Elite™ with 2 batteries
20 replacement heads
5 speed, 1 .50oz HA, charger
One year replacement warranty



NanoPen® Elite™

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The NanoPen® Elite™ is a lightweight, multi-speed, rechargeable vertical needling device that penetrates the skin at a 90-degree angle with an adjustable needle depth of .25mm-3.0mm.
The NanoPen® effectively treats surgical scars, deep acne scarring, stretch marks, hypo-pigmented lesions, fine line wrinkles, enlarged pores, and hair regeneration.
Benefits of ZG-NPMX-2+:
• 12-needle gold anodized sterile Titanium, single-use disposable heads.
• Up to 21,000 cycles per minute
• Minimized downtime
• Adjustable speed and depth
• Shortened treatment time
• Cordless Operation – Up to 3 hours
• 1 Year replacement warranty
• 5 Speed Motor (AC or DC)
The NanoPen® Elite™ reaches difficult areas around the lips, nose, and, eyes with more accuracy and efficacy than other devices. Optimized power from 2 rechargeable batteries, each with an operating time of up to three hours, produces a shortened treatment time. Gold-plated, titanium, sterile, single-use treatment cartridges evenly penetrate the tissue without drag or skip and will not entangle hair. The NanoPen® Elite™ is ergonomically designed for ease of use and provider comfort.
Each unit has a NanoPen, USB Charger, 2 batteries w/ LED indicator, topical Hyaluronic acid, A/C adapter, and a 1-year replacement warranty.


Product Name:  NanoPen™ Max+
Model Name: BI-MX-2-20
Purpose of use: Demabrasion, scar reduction, Acne Scar Revision, Tattoo reduction
Dimensions: Hand-piece: 15.3cm x 2.0cm
Weight: 80g- extremely easy to use
Battery: Lithium polymer – 4.0 Volt – 750mA
Operation: Recharging time: 1hour
Continuous use time: 2hours
Performance: Variable speed selectable
5 Separate User selectable speed
10,000 cycles/minutes
12,500 cycles/minutes
15,000 cycles/minutes
18,000 cycles/minutes
21,000 cycles/minutes

LED Screen indicates:
Speed Levels 1-5
Battery Charge Level


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